Demerara Harbour Floating Bridge

The Demerara Harbour Bridge - in Georgetown Guyana - is a 6,074-feet (1,851 m) long floating toll bridge and was commissioned to link the main city of Georgetown with West Bank Demerara.

When it was completed in 1978 it was the world’s longest floating bridge and held this position for many years.
It was funded by the British Government and designed, manufactured and erected by Thos Storey.

It includes a 240ft wide retractor span to allow the free passage of bulk ore carriers to the open sea as well as a raised section to facilitate the daily movement of small river craft and fishing boats.

Despite being required to last for only 10 years during which a permanent structure was to be built it is still the only alternative to river ferries over 30 years later and is used by over 24000 vehicles a day.

Actual site construction took 10 months of a total of only 2 years for the whole project.

Incidentally the much shorter Humber Bridge - which started 6 years earlier, was over 10 years in construction.


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