award winning straw spreading machine

Spread-A-Bale is an award winning straw spreading machine that not only cleanly and efficiently spreads straw for bedding but also saves time and man power; it transforms the job of spreading bedding straw into a mechanical one.

adapted to your specific requirements

Spread-A-Bale attaches/detaches from the loader/tractor quickly.  At the time of purchase you decide how you want the machine to be mounted – side or back – so it is adapted to your specific requirements.

unique method
In addition this unique method used for spreading the straw makes a more consistent, longer-lasting, more hygienic bed than either chopper blower machines or manual spreading.

Spread-A-Bale is self loading and can spread straw over animals in their pens meaning that they don't have to be moved. This means that bedding down can be easily become a one-man job.